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Insulation and Oil

Insulation and Oil

Insulation and Oil
The Insulation Material like Pre-compressed Boards, Blocks, Corrugated Cylinders, Bakelite Tubes, Insulating Tapes, Empire Sleeves, Glass Sleeves Varnish, Epoxy Bushing, Porcelain bushing Etc. are Used of Best Quality to Ensure Long Life of the Transformers. Oil is Used of best Quality Conforming to IS : 335. Before Filling in to the Transformers, Oil is Centifuged, degydrated and Filtered Through 'Stream Line Filteration Plant' and Tested to Ensure Free from moisture.

Tank is Galvanized & Painted with Caots of Red Oxide Paint. Which Provides Maximum Resistant to Corrossion and Protects from Rusting Than Two Coats of Epoxy Based Anti Corrosive Enamel paint is Painted On Outer Surface.

surface in Coated with Oil is Treated with Two Coats of Oil and Heat Resistant Paint. It Has better Effective Resistance Compared to Ordinary Enamel Paint Against Corrosion and Heat reaction.

Temprature Rise
Transformers are Successfully Designed to Withstand Against Maximum Temprature At Full load.

Over Loads
transformers are Designed for Overloading, Excess Than Normal Rating as per IS : 6600.