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Electromech Engineers


Testing for Quality Assurance We have facilities to provide all requisite for quality assurance. Each transformer is tested for all tests confirming to IS : 1180 and IS : 2026 by qualified and highly experienced engineers with the best technology available. These Tests Includes
  • Measurement of Insulation Resistance.
  • Measurement of Voltage Ratio.
  • Checking of Vector Group and Polarity.
  • High Voltage test of HV & LV.
  • Measurement of No Load Loss / Magnetizing Current.
  • Measurement of Load Loss & Impedance Voltage.
  • Measurement of both HV & LV winding Resistance.
  • Temprature Rise Test of winding & Oil of Transformers at Full Load.
  • Pressure and Vaccum TEsting of Transformers for Permanent Deflection of Body.
  • To check up Dielectric Strength of Transformer Oil.
Additional Testing (As Per Requirement)
  • Impulse Voltage withstand Test.
  • Short Circuit Withstand Test.