Electromech Engineers


The Winding Can Be of Any Type (i) Spiral (ii) Crosscover (iii) Helical (iv) Disc, Designed to withstand the Optimum Electrical, Mechanical, Dynamic and Thermal Stresses Depending Upon the Current and Voltage. the Coils are Wound with Electrolytic Grade with High Conductivity, annealed Wires and Strips Covered with High Quality Insulation. all Cols are Reinforced, insulated and Impregnated with Insulating Varnish to with Stand the Effect of Short Circuits and Impulse Voltage Shocks. Cooling Ducts are Provided to Minimize the Hotspot Temprature and Gradient Between Winding and Oil.

Tapping are Brought Away from the Winding By Means of Flexible Conductors, Heavily insulated with Paper and Supported By Insulated Tubes or Cleats to Prevent Movement Under service Condition.